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welcome to muckreveler

There is nothing in the world so beautiful and destructive than a passionate person with purpose. The pure enigmatic nature of man intrigues and surprises me in all kinds of ways. We live in a world and time where people's interests tend to define them. The hobbies, passions, pleasures and addictions have a tendency to complete a person. We fit ourselves into tidy little boxes.

I am a man of many interests. I have passions that drive me everyday to be a better version of myself, and I have self-decimating addictions and tendencies that would surely ruin me if gone unchecked. I am equal parts a curious journeyman, and a stubborn incendiary self-destruction(ist). There have been times in my life where I was primary the former or the latter...most the time I am a messy combination of both.

Most things in the world live in a duality between their positive and negative aspects. Very seldom is something wholly good or irredeemably bad. Most things walk that foot in front of the other, their weight shifting to the opposite side with every step. These complexities fascinate me. They add intrigue to the overlooked, tarnished side of life. I am creating muckreveler to examine the interesting and unsettling aspects of my own nature. The hidden truths in the things that I love. I also want to celebrate people and things that I find meaningful and heroic. I need more heroes in my life. I am willing to bet that you, dear reader, could use more too.


muckreveler is a place to write articles and thinkpieces about the things that make the world we occupy, the world we occupy. It is a place for engaging, often humorous, sometimes solemn takes on the characteristics and avenues of modern life that I find compelling and exciting. These things include, but are not limited and the realities behind the instagram mask, my favorite sports and the stories within them ( I have always been an unapologetic sports nut...Go Hawks, YNWA!), my love and hate for video games (primarily competitive sports games which I have been playing since...gasp...1990), various things about being an Iowan and a Coloradoan, toxic masculinity, heathenism, drug and alcohol addiction, Sociological topics, and anything else that I may have an interesting take on.

My intentions are to put myself out there...I want to express and examine my reality...muckreveler is an experiment in truth seeking, in courage. In sharing the things that keep us hidden. I want to take my veil off and burn it. I want to swat away the gnats that cloud my vision. I want to give myself the freedom to step out from my various shadowy places and lay my subconscious bare.

I also want to talk about how the Iowa offense can take advantage of single deep coverage because of a combination of blocking/possession and vertical threats at the tight-end position (as long as we can run the zone effectively). And there is nothing that you can do to stop me.

So, in short, muckreveler is going to be about the things that I love. And some other things...and probably some other stuff.

My first article..."Smoke" will be out this weekend. Let the juices of our shared interests run down your chin in torrents...long live muckreveler.

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2 comentarios

28 jul 2018

Look forward to reading what you have to say. You’re a great guy.

Me gusta

05 jun 2018

Excited to read your views and see life from another perspective!

Me gusta
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