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nocturnearts lifetime guarantee

This is a pretty basic concept but it bares explanation...If you purchase a piece of art directly through Michael J Ryan and nocturnearts, that artwork carries a guarantee.  If anything at any point, damages the artwork, we will attempt to repair it, fix-it up, shine-it up, patch it, staple it, nail it, glue it, brace it, make it new and pretty etc.  In other words, we will do our best to fix it.  Some things can be fixed, some things can't.  We will work together to figure that out.

Touch ups:

We will retouch any painting that gets scraped or scratched.  If any paint cracks or fades or misbehaves in any way, we are happy to fix it.

Client Liability and Responsibility:  All that you have to do is get the painting back to us, and we will go to work.  You must cover shipping cost(s) in most circumstances.

This guarantee is good for as long as Michael is alive and able to move his arms.

Other Cool Stuff...

Beyond the basic, "if it breaks, we will try to fix it" guarantees, we also offer a number of other services completely free of charge.

Hanging:  If you purchase art from us, and you live within a reasonable travel distance from us, then we are happy to assist in hanging the artwork in your home.  

Delivery:  If you are within a reasonable travel distance, we will happily deliver any purchased artwork to your door.

Shipping:  On certain paintings, we will offer to split the shipping bill with you.  (note:  this is only applicable if the price of shipping exceeds $500 and the piece itself has a value over $2000)

Certificates of authenticity:  We offer them at request!

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